New Bethany is committed to providing safe, quality, and comfortable accommodations to neighbors needing housing assistance. Our Wyandotte Apartments, home to formerly homeless households, is part of this commitment. 

Our staff at New Bethany recognized the need for updates at the Wyandotte properties. We devised a comprehensive renovation plan to provide our tenants with a beautiful, updated place to live and thrive. Over the past year, our talented facilities team has dedicated countless hours to this project, ensuring that our mission guided each step of the renovation. 

Bill Lohr, our facilities director, was the project manager for the renovation. Very few steps were outsourced. This helped to set an efficient pace and team understanding for future remodels as we continue our commitment to our clients. 

Some of the Wyandotte Apartments’ updates include: 

  • New vinyl tile flooring in kitchen and bathroom 
  • Complete bathroom remodel, including new plumbing and fixtures, and a new vanity, sink, medicine cabinet, and wired exhaust fan 
  • Complete kitchen remodel with a new fridge, stove and range hood, custom carpentry cabinets done in-house, sink, and chandelier 
  • Restored windows to meet historical standards 
  • New lighting, including ceiling fans and modern chandeliers 
  • A fresh paint job throughout the apartments, with a three-tone color scheme
  • Removal and repair of internal walls

Thank you to Northampton County’s Affordable Housing Program for providing $40,000 towards our renovations. 

In addition to these indoor renovations, the entire outdoor space at Wyandotte also got a refresh! This area will be used by the building’s residents alongside clients in our Supportive Housing program. The outdoor projects were made possible thanks to the following organizations: 

  • Mariner Wealth Advisors donated and constructed an herb garden 
  • Deloitte revamped the playground with mulch, a new fence, a fresh coat of paint on the swing set and picnic area, new playground equipment, and updated landscaping 
  • Sylvia Perkin Perpetual Charitable Trust contributed a new seesaw suitable for all children, including youth with developmental challenges and/or on the autism spectrum 

We are lucky to have such a skilled facilities team and selfless supporters committed to providing our clients with custom, quality work. They are crucial in ensuring our tenants come home to a safe, welcoming environment each day. 

Click here to meet our facilities team alongside the rest of our staff.