Advocacy & Action

Advocacy & Action

New Bethany offers hope and support for those experiencing hunger, poverty, and homelessness in the Lehigh Valley through providing immediate assistance to address basic needs, advocacy efforts, and partnerships with other equitable organizations. An important component of our daily operation is taking action to raise awareness, draw public support, and get people personally involved in our work with the intention of making a difference. Advocacy is instrumental and offers an opportunity to:

  • rally around our cause 
  • increase public knowledge and empower donors 
  • tackle root problems.

If you feel passionate about the mission of New Bethany, check out these external resources to learn more about our work. There are many ways to lend a hand to those in need in the Lehigh Valley and beyond, and a great first step is understanding the issues at hand. If any of this information resonates, and you’d like to get involved with New Bethany, click HERE for ways to help, or contact us HERE.  

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