Katarah Jordan is a firm believer in the power of community service and social justice, a key motivator in her role as CEO of the Boys & Girls Club of Allentown. When she first learned of New Bethany through a friend and supporter of the organization, she was immediately motivated by our commitment to serving the community’s most vulnerable populations. This inspiration led her to get involved with our organization and make an indispensable impact as a board member. 

Katarah was particularly drawn to New Bethany’s dedication to providing support, resources, and empowerment to community members experiencing homelessness and poverty. This aligns closely with her beliefs in compassion, dignity and opportunity for everyone. She wants to be part of a mission devoted to working towards justice for those who are vulnerable. 

“The work of New Bethany is profoundly significant in our community, as they provide a lifeline to individuals and families in crisis,” said Katarah. “By offering shelter, meals, counseling and assistance with finding permanent housing, they not only address immediate needs but also work to break the cycle of homelessness and poverty, ultimately strengthening our community as a whole.”

In her role on the board, Katarah is committed to providing strategic guidance and supporting fundraising and outreach initiatives. Her professional experience and community connections are a great asset to the organization. She is a part of the nomination committee, where she can help secure the right individuals to help expand New Bethany’s impact.

Katarah has multiple passions outside of work and community service, including spending time in her garden (she is a Master Gardener), cooking, and reading. She also wrote and published It’s Harvest Time, a children’s book about the joy an African-American family finds together in their backyard garden.