During Social Work Month, we are recognizing tireless contributors of our society, our social workers.  Veronne Demesyeux LMSW, Bria Johnson BSW, and Emily Forrester, currently pursuing a BSW, are the superb individuals who do this important work at New Bethany. Our social workers strive to improve the lives of our clients and as an industry of passionate humans, make a positive impact on our nation. Social workers assist all walks of life – children, adults, or seniors, no matter the need. They dedicate their efforts to supporting individuals, groups, and communities in various circumstances.

Social work does not fit under just one umbrella; it covers services like housing assistance, food and clothing resources, educational resources, therapy, and crisis prevention. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, social workers are predicted to increase twice as fast as any other career, particularly in home rental assistance, healthcare, drug abuse, private social service organizations, and school social work. They advocate for those who aren’t heard and give them a voice. With new developments in the social workforce, struggles like limited staffing and closing the economic gap can be minimized.  

With the staggering numbers of people in Pennsylvania experiencing homelessness, the social worker community takes social responsibility to new heights. Keeping a positive mindset of the situation, our team views their work as an opportunity to meet new people, engage with them, and lead them to a hot meal or a place to live. 

Associate Executive Director Demesyeux explained, “I became a social worker to make a difference in the world and to be a part of that difference.”

As a tenant navigator, Johnson helps those who require renting assistance. She recalls a time when a client came to New Bethany seeking housing assistance. He entered with confidence, and when she thought he would express his displeasure, he instead conveyed his appreciation for the service he received. Allowing everyone the chance to be heard gives Bria the motivation to fulfill her mission of helping others. 

Still pursuing her degree, Emily’s love for social work comes from personal experiences with addiction, homelessness, and separation from her family. 

“I made it my goal to go back to school to one day work with people going through the same thing that I went through with my family. Guiding others to proper help and resources lifts me up each day.”

We appreciate and thank all the social workers, especially ours, for being the light for many families in the Lehigh Valley. To learn more about our services, click here