new New Bethany board members Katarah Jordan, Michelle Kott, Carrie Krug Nedick, Rachel Leon, and Dr. Jack Silva

New Bethany, a local nonprofit that provides nutritious food access, housing, and social services, today announced the appointment of five new members to its board of directors: Katarah Jordan, CEO of the Boys and Girls Club of Allentown; Michelle Kott, City of Bethlehem’s chief of police; Carrie Krug Nedick, director of donor services at Lehigh Valley Community Foundation; Rachel Leon, Bethlehem City Council member; and Dr. Jack Silva, superintendent of Bethlehem Area School District.

“We are thrilled to welcome Katarah, Michelle, Carrie, Rachel and Jack as new board members,” said Marc Rittle, executive director of New Bethany. “Each of their specialties and professional background will significantly help support New Bethany as we continue to expand our reach.”

The new members bring diverse expertise to New Bethany’s board. Jordan’s skills in strategic planning, fundraising and community outreach support the growth and sustainability of New Bethany. Krug Nedick’s experience in donor relations bolsters New Bethany’s community of supporters. Kott, Leon and Silva’s involvement with the government and school system supports New Bethany’s goal to increase community awareness of its mission to support people who experience poverty, hunger and homelessness.

With these additions, New Bethany’s board comprises 20 directors, each serving a 3-year term.

“As someone who values community service and social justice, I resonate deeply with New Bethany’s mission and values,” said Jordan. “Their dedication to providing support, resources, and empowerment to individuals facing homelessness and poverty aligns closely with my own beliefs in the importance of compassion, dignity, and opportunity for all.”

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