For nearly two decades, Olympus Corporation of the Americas has supported New Bethany, embodying a commitment to community and compassion. Since its corporate headquarters relocated to the Lehigh Valley in 2006, Olympus has been instrumental in spreading awareness of New Bethany’s mission through various avenues of support.

volunteers from Olympus Corporation of the Americas volunteering for New Bethany

Through generous financial donations and the mobilization of employee volunteers, Olympus has deeply integrated itself into New Bethany’s efforts. Initiatives like Spring Against Hunger and Luminaria Night encourage community engagement year-round. With Olympus Gives, an employee-giving platform, Olympus amplifies its impact, ensuring steadfast support for New Bethany.

Olympus’s continuous support stems from shared values. At Olympus, the drive to make lives healthier, safer, and more fulfilling is a guiding principle. New Bethany’s unwavering commitment to offering hope and support to those facing poverty, food insecurity, and homelessness resonates deeply with Olympus’s ethos, fostering a partnership that uplifts and inspires communities across the Lehigh Valley.