Meet Carrie Nedick, the director of donor services at Lehigh Valley Community Foundation and a member of New Bethany’s board of directors. In her role at LVCF, Carrie works with New Bethany to help the organization build its endowment fund. She and her colleagues have also volunteered at New Bethany during the holidays, and both of these experiences inspired her to become a board member. 


Carrie has known about New Bethany since its inception. The pastor at her childhood church was one of its founders, so she heard about the organization and its mission every Sunday. As she built a life in the Lehigh Valley, she has stayed aware of New Bethany’s continuously growing impact, which she is now an integral part of. 


“New Bethany brings hope to our community. It is a reliable resource, a safe haven, and a hub for its clients,” said Carrie. “Because of New Bethany, the people in our region can come together and thrive together.”


Carrie has a very team-focused view of her role on the board. She trusts New Bethany’s staff to know what decisions are best for its success, and she wants to help craft the organization’s future vision to ensure that the staff and the greater Bethlehem community are getting what they need. She remains impressed by the passion, expertise, and professionalism of the staff and leadership at New Bethany. 


In her free time, she enjoys sewing clothing, traveling, reading, knitting, and spending time with her kids. Carrie is also a bit of a daredevil—she has completed two bungee jumps in her life! We greatly appreciate the diverse knowledge and expertise that she contributes to our board of directors.