At New Bethany, we believe that all people, regardless of circumstances, should be treated with dignity and care without judgment. Our Mollard Hospitality Center offers clients fresh hot meals, newly-renovated shower facilities, wellness facilities, employment assistance, and educational opportunities. Times have been stressful and uncertain since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, but luckily, much of Bethlehem’s homeless population feel safe using New Bethany’s services.

Human of New Bethany, Russella, has relied on New Bethany’s for years. When she needs help, Russella uses the soup kitchen, showers, counseling services, public computers and telephones. She is most appreciative that New Bethany allows her to get mail delivered to Mollard Hospitality Center, allowing her to stay up to date and in touch. Russella was one of the many who took advantage of New Bethany’s Comfort Suites Transitional Housing Program. At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, she joined the program and stayed in a hotel room for a month. Russella hopes to start earning money to build stability in her life.

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