Our Transitional Housing Program is one of the few family-based emergency shelters in the region. Clients enrolled in the Family Transitional Housing program live in our Transitional Housing Facility and work with a Case Manager on action steps to move towards stability and self-sufficiency.

Human of New Bethany, Jason, took custody of his 17-month nephew to prevent the child from foster care placement. Since his home did not meet county child safety guidelines, Jason moved into the family transitional housing facility and began building a new life as a single father. After just a few months, Jason moved off of public benefits and secured full-time employment in the New Bethany food pantry. Now, with a steady income and additional resources for child care, Jason and his nephew are ready for their move into permanent housing!

Photo Credit: Marco Calderon

Throughout the program, families attend parenting and life skills classes, resident meetings, and weekly case management sessions. Families, including both men and women caregivers, are typically able to move into permanent housing after three to six months in the program.

Jeremey and his partner, Samantha, came to New Bethany with their son after their apartment building was condemned. When they arrived, Samantha was in need of a job that was either walking distance or commutable using public transit. She found work at the area casino while Jeremy, who has disability status, cared for their son at home. The family eventually saved enough money to purchase a vehicle, allowing Samantha to travel to a better paying job. Ultimately, the family found an affordable home in Slatington and moved out of transitional housing after six months!

Photo Credit: Marco Calderon

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