New Bethany, a local secular nonprofit offering support to people who experience poverty, food insecurity, and homelessness, announced that its name has been modified. Previously known as New Bethany Ministries, the organization will now be known simply as New Bethany.

The reasons for this change are two-fold. First, the word “ministries” no longer means the same thing to everyone served, including people whose faith and other traditions are not Christianity and/or who are members of the LGBTQIA+ community.

 Second, it reflects a change made five years ago, in 2018, when New Bethany, Inc. became an independent 501(c)(3), separate from the Episcopal Diocese that founded it. New Bethany remains proud of its roots and grateful for the ongoing partnership with the Nativity Cathedral and the Episcopal Diocese of Bethlehem, who remain supportive of New Bethany. New Bethany also remains committed to its partnerships with other faith communities and is grateful for their ongoing support of the underserved neighbors who rely on New Bethany.

 “We quite literally would not exist without the faith-based community,” said Associate Executive Director Veronne Demesyeux. “At the same time, it takes tremendous courage for our neighbors to walk through our doors and ask for help and we need to reflect that same courage in removing any potential barriers that we can.”

This change was made after much self-reflection and in response to feedback from the neighbors served, staff and board, and the community with the goal is to be a welcoming space for all who need it. 

Learn more about New Bethany here.