Meet José Mendez, one of New Bethany Ministries’ newest Board Members. An active member of the Episcopalian community, José spent the last 20 years involved with our neighbor, the Cathedral Church of the Nativity. He learned about New Bethany in 2012 when he began facilities management work at the church, ensuring all Cathedral services and celebrations run harmoniously.

Over the past nine years, José helped foster the growing relationship between New Bethany and the Cathedral. From Thanksgiving meal distribution and food donation drives to lending New Bethany the Shawnee building as a temporary storage facility, José was instrumental in many key alliances. When he was offered a board position, he eagerly accepted!

“I’m excited to join New Bethany’s Board of Directors and bring my unique perspective to the table,” said Mendez. “My goal is to continue to expand New Bethany’s diversity, equity and inclusion practices to better assist minority clients.”

José is passionate about giving underrepresented communities a voice — especially the Hispanic community. While his specific role on the board isn’t determined yet, he is eager to share his management experience with us.

When José isn’t working as Lead Sexton at the Cathedral, you can find him kicking around a soccer ball, playing a quick ping-pong game or relaxing with his family.